In the age of Right to Information Act, the recruitment bodies, especially Government, in order to conduct written examination as a part of selection process, use standard questionnaire to avoid any possible controversy. 

        Hence, OnlineRRB, an organisation supported by Ex. employees of Railway & RRB put their effort to collect probable questions for practice from Reputed Professional Institutions like NCVT. 

        If you allowed to take the time (any number of hours) as you like, you can get 99% to 100% of marks on a standard question paper. But you will be given only 90 minutes of time to complete the exam of RRB. 

        Online RRB provides you proper guidance on SHORT-CUT methods and simple TECHNIQUES like Vedic Mathematics to do the calculations within allow time. 

        As per human psychology, if you answer an un-known question, with confidence, the probability of being it as correct is more. Similarly if you take the same decision without confidence, then the chances of being it as correct is very less. 

"Practice makes the man perfect and brings confidence".

How to Save Facebook posts to read later?


How to Save Facebook posts to read later?

  1. Identify the posts which you would like to save in your news feeds or from your Friend’s wall
  2. Click on v arrow on top right corner of the post
  3. Click on “Save XYZ” (I will explain it with print screen)
Yes, it’s done. You have saved those posts for reading later. But you should remember that,you will be able to save only links, places, music, books, movies, TV shows and Events. You won’t be able to Save Photos and normal status posts. Let’s see how it works with someprint screen.
Save Links for later reading

Save Location for later reading

How to Edit PDF Files in Three Easy Steps


How to Edit PDF Files in Three Easy Steps

Three things that many computer users look for in software that they’ll potentially use are: 
1) that it is easy to use, 
2) that it’s useful in their everyday work and 
3) that its price matches its performance.

Able2Extract PDF Converter is a tool that will satisfy these requirements for most people looking for document conversion software. SEE price of some$ for a lifetime of converting PDFs into MS Office documents, HTMLs, AutoCAD formats and images can be considered a fair deal, especially with the tool’s advanced options like extracting only parts of a document for conversion and customizing PDF spreadsheets prior to conversion to Excel.
Since many documents on the Internet and especially in our computer folders are in Portable Document Format, having a converter that turns these difficult-to-modify files into editable ones is certainly useful for many different job profiles.
Last but not least, Able2Extract’s easy commands and user-friendly interface are features that often come up as some of the tool’s most popular features. Not all computer users are tech-savvy, so a tool that can accommodate both amateurs and experts is always valuable.
For example, Able2Extract users who wish to convert a PDF file into a PowerPoint presentation will do so in three easy steps:
Click on “Open” in the tool’s File menu and locate a PDF file among your computer documents that you’d like to convert.
Use the “Select” option to either select the whole document or extr
act an area that you wish to convert into a PPT slide.
Click on “PowerPoint” in the File menu and save your document to your desired location.

Users can similarly convert their documents into Word, HTML, OpenOffice, Images, Excel, etc.
For some of these formats the software also provides additional customization options, but these additional steps are as easy and straightforward as the basic 3 conversion steps we just demonstrated.

Sukanya Samriddhi yojana


How to Open the Sukanya Samriddhi Account?

  1. Guardian to open the account: The account can be opened only by parents or legal guardians for upto two girl children. In case of twins or triplets, an exemption will be made on production of a certificate from authorised medical institutions.
  2. Age Eligibility: A Sukanya Samriddhi account can be opened for a girl child till she attains the age of 10. The scheme started from 2 December, 2014. An initial grace period of one year has been announced for convenience. A girl child, who is born between 2 December, 2003 and 1 December, 2004, can open account by 1 December, 2015.
  3. Account in the name of the beneficiary: Sukanya Samriddhi Scheme can only be opened in the name of the girl child. The depositor (guardian) will be an individual, who deposits amount in the account on behalf of the minor girl child.
  4. One Girl One Account: Only one account can be opened per girl child.
  5. Where to open Account: Sukanya Samriddhi account can be opened in Post Offices or authorised Banks (State Bank of India, Bank of Baroda, Punjab National Bank, Bank of India, Canara Bank, Andhra Bank, UCO Bank, and Allahabad Bank, to name the few).

More Information on Sukanya Samriddhi Account

  1. Account Transferability: The account can be opened with an amount of Rs. 1000. It can be transferred from the original location to anywhere in India as the girl child relocates.
  2. Minimum Contribution: A minimum contribution of Rs. 1000 per account has to be deposited per year. A maximum of Rs.1, 50,000 per account can be deposited. There is no limit in the number of deposits in a financial year. The money can be deposited through cash, cheque or draft.
  3. Penalty: A penalty of Rs.50 will be imposed if the account is not credited with the minimum amount.
  4. Rate of Interest: The scheme is offering an interest rate of 9.1% per year. However, it will be revised in April every year and the change will be communicated subsequently. The interest will be compounded yearly and directly credited to the account.
  5. Term Period: The guardian is expected to deposit amount in the account only till the completion of 14 years. No deposits after that is required till the maturity of the account.
  6. Withdrawal: A premature withdrawal (at the end of the previous financial year) of 50% of the accumulated amount is allowed after the girl child turns 18.more about this go to Official Website:
  7. Closure of Account: The account can be closed only after the child turns 21. If the money is not withdrawn even after that, it will continue to earn the interest.
  8. Taxation: As per Section 80C of Income Tax Act, the investment (up to Rs.1.5 lakhs) under the scheme, all the payments including the interest payment and the total maturity amount will be fully exempted from taxation.

What Are the Documents Required for Opening an Account?

  1. Birth Certificate of the girl child.
  2. Address and photo identity proof (PAN Card, Voter ID, Aadhar Card) of the shopping site


The Prime Minister Narendra Modi  launched the promised Micro Units Development and Refinance Agency Ltd (MUDRA) Bank on 8 April, 2015 with a corpus of Rs 20,000 crore and a credit guarantee corpus of Rs 3,000 crore. The launch was the fulfillment of an announcement made earlier by the Finance Minister Arun Jaitley in his FY 15-16 Budget speech.

How Can MUDRA Bank Make a Difference to the Economy?

Most individuals, especially those living in rural and interior parts of India, have been excluded from the benefits of formal banking system. Therefore, they never had access to insurance, credit, loans and other financial instruments to help them establish and grow their micro businesses. So, most individuals depend on local money lenders for credit. The loan comes at high interest and often with unbearable conditions, which make these poor unsuspecting people fall in a debt-trap for generations. When businesses fail, the borrowers become vulnerable to the lender’s strong-arm tactics and other forms of humiliation.
As per NSSO Survey of 2013, there are close to 5.77 crore small-scale business units, mostly sole proprietorships, which undertake trading, manufacturing, retail and other small-scale activities. Compare this with the organised sector and larger companies that employ 1.25 crore individuals. Clearly, the potential to harness and nurture these micro businesses is vast and the government recognises this. Today, this segment is unregulated and without financial support or cover from the organised financial banking system.

The principal objectives of the MUDRA Bank are:

  1. Regulate the lender and the borrower of microfinance and bring stability to the microfinance system through regulation and inclusive participation.
  2. Extend finance and credit support to Microfinance Institutions (MFI) and agencies that lend money to small businesses, retailers, self-help groups and individuals.
  3. Register all MFIs and introduce a system of performance rating and accreditation for the first time. This will help last-mile borrowers of finance to evaluate and approach the MFI that meets their requirement best and whose past record is most satisfactory. This will also introduce an element of competitiveness among the MFIs. The ultimate beneficiary will be the borrower.
  4. Provide structured guidelines for the borrowers to follow to avoid failure of business or take corrective steps in time. MUDRA will help in laying down guidelines or acceptable procedures to be followed by the lenders to recover money in cases of default.
  5. Develop the standardised covenants that will form the backbone of the last-mile business in future.
  6. Offer a Credit Guarantee scheme for providing guarantees to loans being offered to micro businesses.
  7. Introduce appropriate technologies to assist in the process of efficient lending, borrowing and monitoring of distributed capital.
  8. Build a suitable framework under the Pradhan Mantri MUDRA Yojana for developing an efficient last-mile credit delivery system to small and micro businesses.

Major Product Offerings

MUDRA Bank has rightly classified the borrowers into three segments: the starters, the mid-stage finance seekers and the next level growth seekers.
To address the three segments, MUDRA Bank has launched three loan instruments:
  1. Shishu: covers loans upto Rs 50,000/-
  2. Kishor: covers loans above Rs 50,000/- and upto Rs 5 lakh
  3. Tarun: covers loans above Rs 5 lakh and upto Rs 10 lakh
Initially, sector-specific schemes will be confined to “Land Transport, Community, Social & Personal Services, Food Product and Textile Product sectors”. Over a period of time, new schemes will be launched to encompass more sectors.
For more details go to  Official Website:

Some of the Offerings Planned for the Future:

  1. MUDRA Card
  2. Portfolio Credit Guarantee
  3. Credit Enhancement

Can MUDRA Really Be a Game Changer for India?

Yes it can. See the existing demographics. Majority of Indians are poor and live in rural and interior parts of India. Most are excluded from getting facilities that would be termed very basic, even by Indian standards.
Most people do not have access to farmland and in the absence of jobs, are left to their own creativity to feed themselves and survive. They figure out ways to do odd jobs in exchange of money or barter their services. Most of these people belong to scheduled castes, scheduled tribes and other backward classes. It is to be noted that most of the micro enterprises, retail or trading activity, are initiated and controlled by women, with no exposure to education, formal training or access to any form of banking support.
Now visualise this. If India could harness this free spirit of enterprise and offer some guidance, support, training and financial assistance, the potential to get an immediate jump in GDP is there for the asking. Narendra Modi recognises this and was clear of the potential of this low-hanging fruit.
If MUDRA can continue to retain focus on the underprivileged and extend its reach to the interiors, it can well emerge as a bigger success story than what Grameen Bank of Bangladesh ever was or will be.
There is an old saying that goes like this: “Give a man a fish you feed him for a day, teach him how to fish and he will never go hungry”. MUDRA Bank is a step by the government that can be a game changer in giving birth to a new set of entrepreneurs, some of whom may scale heights not imagined today. This is far better than giving subsidy, which may seem welcoming at first, but does little to help an individual strive for a better life. MUDRA is the way to go.
The modalities of functioning of MUDRA Bank are in place and it has been decided that the funding activity will be carried out by microfinance institutions. However, the small businesses have to wait to get full information on Mudra Bank and have a clarity on who all are eligible for loans and how to get the benefits of this scheme.
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